Beading is Artistic

Beading is one of the lowest cost opportunities to enter the arts and crafts market, yet the very existence of beading dates back to the earliest times in recorded history. Great civilizations are resplendent with examples of beading and in many cases items of inestimable value were entombed with the kings and queens of ancient civilizations. Beading provides an avenue for you to express and develop your artistic individuality. The form and function will be but a representation of an idea in the mind, giving expression to color, shape, dimension, form and use.

Getting Started with Beading

It is relatively inexpensive to establish a beading workshop, where you store in different compartments of a fishing tackle type box to establish and maintain appropriate order. Do not underestimate the need for a quiet mind, and indeed this will flow from attention and immersion in the pleasant craft of creation, certainly as you become more experienced.

What to Bead

You will likely start with some simple jewellery or perhaps a useful item such as a napkin ring or a hair accessory. This may lead to a project to make a pocketbook, which can be an elegant and attractive handbag accessory.

Serious Beading

The beads themselves may initially be relatively inexpensive, but do leave open the possibility to moving into gemstones, colorful shells and even precious materials such as gold and silver. You can quickly see that beading has a great scope and you should not be surprised if you develop a style and quality that fits with the desires of the most fashion conscious. For inspiration do attend the art museums and take every opportunity to consider the contrast of colors and design. Perhaps your ideas will be further enhanced by the ancient Egyptians and other beading cultures from long, long ago.

The benefits to you may be a wonderful relaxing and time consuming hobby, a share in the wonder of creation on a personal level, an income from an enjoyable craft or even experience with a career in fashion and design.  Happy beading!

About the author: Ronald Heron encourages others to enjoy life through involvement in the arts.